Apprentice Highlights


TERM: 3rd Term Apprentice

Tell us about your journey into the Oregon Laborers, what made you choose to become a construction craft laborer apprentice?
After 2 years of college, I couldn’t fathom going deeper into debt and I knew I needed a career and didn’t want to freelance my future. My closest friend’s uncle, a Union Rep here, introduced me to the opportunity and ultimately changed my life and put me in the right direction for my career.

How has being in the apprenticeship program impacted your life?
It’s taught me so much as far as holding accountability, setting good habits, and opening my knowledge to the possibilities in this trade. as well as learning different skills I can apply in the workplace and in everyday life.

What advice would you give others who are interested in joining our program or are just starting out?
Do it! For the pension, benefits, and job security it’s no mistake when it comes to joining the program. To those in the program, finish it out. In just a few months, I myself will journey out. My year and a half in the program have flown by. The delayed gratification of completing the program to a journeyman is worth it. This program is worth it and the opportunities that lie between journeyman and onward are endless.

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