For those who are willing to work hard, it is a rewarding career.

Construction Craft Laborers are a part of the skilled workforce that builds this country. Laborers are typically one of the first crafts on the job and the last craft to leave.

By joining our apprenticeship program, you will become a member of our Union and work for one of our 250 partner employers. These employers need a highly skilled, safe, and productive workforce to be competitive and able to build all kinds of construction project.

The Laborers’ International Union of North America represents 500,000 men and women in the United States and Canada. LIUNA is the umbrella organization for local Unions and District Councils across these two countries. Locally, we are a part of the Oregon and Southern Idaho District Council of Laborers.

The Oregon Construction Craft Laborers Apprenticeship Program is a partnership between the local Laborers Union and their partner employers. These organizations work together to train you to be a part of a highly productive team and take pride in your work. The goal of your apprenticeship is to become a skilled Construction Craft Laborer, one who knows many facets of the trade and will be an asset to both the Union and the employer.

As a Union Laborer, you will earn good wages, healthcare and a retirement benefit. Standard wages are higher than what is being offered to non-union workers doing the same work in the area. The healthcare provided covers you, your spouse, and your children, and the Oregon Laborers pension plan is among the best in the Northwest. Many Laborers retire with an income that equals what they made while working.


Typical projects that Construction Craft Laborers work on are:

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