Apprentice Highlights


TERM: 3rd Term Apprentice

Tell us about your journey into the Oregon Laborers, what made you choose to become a construction craft laborer apprentice?
When I was trying to become a firefighter it took a while to get in, and the very week I called in to become an apprentice with the Oregon laborers, local 737. I was accepted and given a job within the same week after classes. You treated the boots to hard hats program seriously. I really needed the money at the time as well, so local 737 deserves the respect I want to place on it.

How has being in the apprenticeship program impacted your life?
As a combat veteran with many injuries, being active as a laborer has seriously contributed to my physical therapy. I’m sure without it my foot would be very stiff and inoperable. The money and benefits are great, the community is very informative, everyone is very knowledgeable about the rules and safety involved, and has saved me more than enough time to trust in my fellow laborers. The community is one of the things I truly appreciate, from brothers in arms to brothers in the workforce.

What advice would you give others who are interested in joining our program or are just starting out?
It’s not as hard as it seems. The work is easy once you get used to it, it adds activity to your life, and you’re not stuck in a cubicle or answering phone calls with no substance. You’re building things, learning things that have substance. Building a warehouse or data center that’ll give jobs to many, or a trade school that’ll greatly impact the community of people. This is a lifestyle that can benefit many to come. You’re creating a future for the generation to come.

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